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    When you can't be there our team of compassionate caregivers will take care of mom or dad for you, in their home, apartment, or other facility
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    Whether it is 1 hour once a week or 24 hours 7 days a week, you choose how and when to use our services
  • We help seniors live happy healthy lives.

    Promoting the best quality of life for each individual.
  • Do you have an aging parent living in another city or state?

    Visiting Homecare serves all of Brevard county; providing care to those who need that extra bit of help so they can stay at home
Assessing Your Needs

In many cases it may be obvious. Mom is forgetting to take her medications or cannot remember where they are. Dad is repeating himself or losing his balance and falling. For many, those times are the trigger for additional care.

In other cases, it is more subtle. Dad is having more trouble parking in the garage and the car has more scratches. Mom doesn't dress as neatly or keep the house as tidy as before. In such cases recognizing when additional care is needed may be less obvious. The following list may be helpful if you are unsure whether a loved one is ready for extra care in the home.


  • Has recently experienced the death of a spouse, child, partner or pet
  • Has recently lost the right or ability to drive


  • From your relative who doesn’t remember calling about the same thing
  • From concerned friends or neighbors


  • Is physically fragile or unsteady on feet
  • Has fallen more than once, with or without injury
  • Has lost or gained a significant amount of weight
  • Doesn't take medications as prescribed
  • Looks or complains of always feeling fatigued
  • Has dirty clothes, hair or bedding
  • Has accumulated paper, garbage or other items in home
  • Has body odors or odors in home
  • Has difficulty seeing or hearing well enough to communicate
  • Has unexplained injuries or bruises
  • Has bills or other paperwork accumulating around the house
  • Has many beer cans or liquor bottles in the garbage
  • Home has not been adequately maintained


  • Is confused or forgetful
  • Is anxious or depressed
  • Is unable to clearly explain things or describe needs
  • Has had a change in mood or personality
  • Is increasingly isolated and refuses to go out
  • Refuses to go to the doctor or dentist
  • Is newly suspicious of previously trusted relatives
  • Has experienced deterioration of relationships with others

If you are concerned about your parents or elderly relatives, there is likely a valid reason for your concern. These early warning signs should alert you to possible problems, and identifying a problem is the first step to solving it.


Send us a message so we will know how to serve you best. A staff member will be in touch with you to discuss your care options.

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